koshkavinni whispered:
Could you draw usuk, please? >v< Something fluffy?


Babies off to work?


Yeah that’s great and all, but look at this official picture of Mochimerica with star nipple pasties. 



The poll answers were overwhelmingly in favor of doing the calendar, so it’s time for the 2015 USUK calendar audition post! This is the fifth year we’re doing calendars, and like last year it’s going to be a free digital release. 

The calendar will be made up of twelve full sized wallpapers (different screen resolutions will be released). If we have enough in the way of artists, we’ll also do the ‘pocket sized’ mobile calendar like we did last year. If you want a physical calendar, you are of course welcome to print out either of them! 

The schedule for this year’s calendar project is as follows:

  • 9/14-9/28- Auditions Open
  • 9/29-10/5- Voting is open
  • 10/6- Artist assignments are sent out. 
  • 10/6-12/15- A bit more than two months time allotted for artists to complete their pieces. 
  • Mid to late December- Calendar is released for download! 

Please read the audition post carefully! If you have any questions, feel free to ask. You can reply to the lj post (comments are screened) or send me an ask via tumblr. YOU DO NOT NEED TO HAVE AN LJ TO AUDITION.

Hope to see a ton of great artists! Whether you plan on auditioning or not, I’d love if you could pimp this out. :)

- accioharo


Hello everyone! :)

This is a post I’m making to gauge interest for a digital release USUK calendar like we did last year. As usual, we will be doing this via poll.

We had a ton of great art, and we were able to produce both mobile and wallpaper releases last year, but…


Arthur and Alfred from sanbonzakura's new log~

source: pixiv




Alfred F. Jones! You cannot just casually grope a man’s butt. You have to put some effort into it. Grope him like you mean it!


fast drawing
Almost sketch

aph England be like



Gentleman in the streets 

Pirate in the sheets

More like grumpy old git literally everywhere